At All Saints Catholic College we ensure that every student from K–12 develops the confidence to voice their informed opinions and the maturity to think differently and creatively. The quality of our school directly correlates to the opportunities for student voice to impact on the culture and climate of our community. In acknowledging the oneness of the All Saints school, we recognise and validate that student leadership should be present and visible in each section of our community. Our assumption is that everyone can and should exhibit quality leadership. We accept that everyone at All Saints will lead in varying degrees of effectiveness, and we value each students’ contribution to our community.

Students are given the opportunity to consolidate their skills through recognised leadership roles and portfolios. The following are named positions at All Saints:

  • Captains
  • Vice-Captains
  • House Captains

There are six College Houses named after significant patrons of our All Saints community: Aikenhead, Cahill, Marum, Patrick, Romero and Teresa. Each house consists of six House Captains who work as a team to engender pride, spirit, teamwork and camaraderie to ensure their house it united and cohesive. In addition to these duties, House Captains are allocated one of the following portfolios to lead: Wellbeing, Learning, Culture, Ministry, Co-curricular and Social Justice.

All Saints Catholic College Student Voice - students in discussion at the library