Students at All Saints Catholic College benefit from our first class facilities and tranquil green spaces.
All Saints Catholic College Facilities Learning for 21st Century - students working on IPads

Learning for the
21st Century

All Saints Catholic College offers enriching learning environments that extend across two campuses, Liverpool and Casula. With a focus on excellence in learning as well as student wellbeing, our modern learning spaces offer a level of comfort that enable students to achieve the skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

All Saints Catholic College Facilities - Cutting Edge Facilities


Our K–10 campus at Liverpool offers a range of contemporary classrooms with flexible learning layouts and interactive technology. State-of-the-art facilities, including TAS facilities, a fitness centre and Performing Arts and Maths activity centres support diverse learning opportunities.

All Saints Catholic College Facilities Campus Feel - students on school grounds

Campus Feel in a Tranquil Space

Our senior campus at Casula has a university feel within a tranquil bush setting that allows our students to relax and be receptive to learning for what will be their most pressured years of schooling before the HSC.