At All Saints Catholic College we believe academic subjects and co-curricular activities complement each other to play a positive role in student wellbeing, which contributes to the development of the whole student. Co-curricular activities foster commitment, confidence and self-worth and encourage a sense of belonging, resilience and connection to the school community.

All Saints Catholic College Co-curricular Enrichment - students tending to garden

Clubs and Enrichment

Students can pursue special interests through lunchtime activities such as public speaking, gardening, debating, chess, robotics and many others.

All Saints Catholic College Co-curricular Sport - students playing football


From Kโ€“6, we give students opportunities to develop their interests and skills through weekly house sport programs, cluster sport competitions, aerobics and gymnastics.

Representative sport in years 7โ€“12 give students a wide selection of sports to compete in, both individually and as teams.

All Saints Catholic College Co-curricular Performing Arts - students on drama class

Music and Arts

Students express their creativity in our music and performing arts opportunities such as dance, choir, musical program, drama and musical performances.